Commercial Roofing Project on Office Building

Commercial Roofing

A beautiful example of a commercial roofing project completed by Quality Seal Roofing. We made every effort to ensure the safety of not only our employees but theirs as we worked on the roof.

The project was completed on time and using top-of-the-line roofing materials that will last for many years to come, leaving this customer completely satisfied.

This is why we are Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin’s number one Commercial Roofing Company.

School Roofing Project

school roofing

Working with schools has its own unique set of issues that we need to focus on. The safety of the staff, students, and our employees is always primary.  The roofing structure can be anywhere from the simple to the complex depending on where cooling units, air vents, and other structures are housed. We can also run into older roofs with a lot of damage, leakage problems, and mold issues.

This is another completed school project that turned out great!

We worked with the school district and staff to ensure that every precaution was taken. We installed the highest quality roofing products to ensure secure and leak free future for the school.

If your school or church has a roof situation, contact us today to get a free quote.