Old to New in less then a week!

April showers bring May leaks!

Should you be worried about your roof with the recent rainfall?

Spring has been creeping in and out of Wisconsin this past month and a half and after a long winter -along with all the rainstorms we have been getting- it is always a good idea to take a look at your roof.

As a result of constant rain your shingles may begin to curl or buckle from the constant stress causing them to crack which causes the water to seep through. The water running through those cracks will further worsen the damage. After the rainfall is over, the shingles, if they have developed cracks and have soaked up water, will remain moist for days. Worst case scenario this will trigger the growth of mold on the roof of your house which can then penetrate and grow. However if their are no leaks or visible signs of wear and tear there is no need to panic, after all our roofs can handle Wisconsin winters! But if you’re concerned your roof may have been affected by the recent rainfalls, then you should contact QSR to fix the damage. We’ve been providing commercial and residential roofing installation to the residents of southeastern Wisconsin for over a decade. Want to know more about us? Take a look at some of our past projects below this post. If you are interested in our services hit our Contact Us button and fill out the form or contact (414)-226-6653 to schedule* a free onsite estimate.


*Please note we our booked several weeks out already for the summer, and the estimated time to get your roof looked at is 1.5-2 weeks.

5 signs it is time to replace your roof!

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, but how do you know when to replace your roof? Without a solid roof, water can get into your home and cause all sorts of damage. Everything from damaging drywall, ruining carpet, rotting wood, promoting mold growth and damaging personal belongings. A small leak in your roof can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, so it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Here are some signs your roof needs to be replaced, at QSR we offer free replacement estimates. Contact us if you have any of these signs.







  1. Shingles curling and buckling

Shingles that are curled or buckling are another sign that you may need a new roof. Look at the slopes of your home that get direct sunlight and if you notice the shingles are curling and losing granules, it could mean the shingles are past their life expectancy. There could also be a possibility that the roof is defective.




2. Roof valley

If your roof shingles are falling apart or missing in this area, it’s a definite sign you need a new roof. Valleys are one of the most important areas of your roof. Snow and rain flow through valleys and into gutters. If the valley is compromised, you could be susceptible to roof leaks.





3. Snow and Ice
Because of course we live in Wisconsin.. When snow melts and re-freezes on your roof, an ice dam forms above the gutters and in the valleys. This blocks proper drainage into the gutter. Water backs up under the shingles and underlayment and can seep into the roof decking, causing rotting and eventually leaks.






4. Age
Knowing when a roof was installed (and what it’s made of) offers insight into how much life it has left. For instance, a typical asphalt shingle roof lasts 20 to 25 years, while a roof installed over an existing layer of shingles should be replaced after 20 years.



5.  Daylight through the roof boards
You notice a spongy feel or trampoline bounce when walking on the roof, which means the underlying decking is weakened from moisture. Check your attic to see if there is any daylight coming through the roof boards. Also check for moisture in the insulation.

A Beautiful Piece of History Receives a New Roof!

historical roofing project

The architecture of old homes and buildings is something to be marveled. This beautiful building is full of character and charm. It only had one problem- It needed a new roof. Historical remodeling, particularly, historical roofing has its own set of challenges to not only match the architecture but the code requirements for the area.

Quality Seal Roofing came in to help with that issue. We are experts in matching the right roofing materials to make even historical buildings shine again.

Trying to keep with the look of old, however, use the modern, innovative products of today can be challenging. Our expert design team found the perfect products for this project leaving our customers very satisfied.

Commercial Roofing Project on Office Building

Commercial Roofing

A beautiful example of a commercial roofing project completed by Quality Seal Roofing. We made every effort to ensure the safety of not only our employees but theirs as we worked on the roof.

The project was completed on time and using top-of-the-line roofing materials that will last for many years to come, leaving this customer completely satisfied.

This is why we are Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin’s number one Commercial Roofing Company.

School Roofing Project

school roofing

Working with schools has its own unique set of issues that we need to focus on. The safety of the staff, students, and our employees is always primary.  The roofing structure can be anywhere from the simple to the complex depending on where cooling units, air vents, and other structures are housed. We can also run into older roofs with a lot of damage, leakage problems, and mold issues.

This is another completed school project that turned out great!

We worked with the school district and staff to ensure that every precaution was taken. We installed the highest quality roofing products to ensure secure and leak free future for the school.

If your school or church has a roof situation, contact us today to get a free quote.