April showers bring May leaks!

Should you be worried about your roof with the recent rainfall?

Spring has been creeping in and out of Wisconsin this past month and a half and after a long winter -along with all the rainstorms we have been getting- it is always a good idea to take a look at your roof.

As a result of constant rain your shingles may begin to curl or buckle from the constant stress causing them to crack which causes the water to seep through. The water running through those cracks will further worsen the damage. After the rainfall is over, the shingles, if they have developed cracks and have soaked up water, will remain moist for days. Worst case scenario this will trigger the growth of mold on the roof of your house which can then penetrate and grow. However if their are no leaks or visible signs of wear and tear there is no need to panic, after all our roofs can handle Wisconsin winters! But if you’re concerned your roof may have been affected by the recent rainfalls, then you should contact QSR to fix the damage. We’ve been providing commercial and residential roofing installation to the residents of southeastern Wisconsin for over a decade. Want to know more about us? Take a look at some of our past projects below this post. If you are interested in our services hit our Contact Us button and fill out the form or contact (414)-226-6653 to schedule* a free onsite estimate.


*Please note we our booked several weeks out already for the summer, and the estimated time to get your roof looked at is 1.5-2 weeks.